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Who do you trust with a turnkey project?

There are all sorts of ways to get the most efficient commercial or industrial heating and hot water system. In many cases, Hodgkinson Bennis can work with an existing system through repairs, maintenance and piecemeal replacement of parts. But sometimes, it makes more sense to commission a new boiler from scratch. We’re here to manage a turnkey boiler project when your current boiler can no longer accommodate your needs.

We keep clients and contractors happy on a turnkey project

Hodgkinson Bennis excels at delivering turnkey projects for new boiler systems, from an industrial installation to a smaller commercial boiler. By contracting us to deliver your turnkey project, you’ll be benefiting from our extensive contacts book. We’ll work collaboratively with a range of boiler manufacturers to scale the project to your needs.

We’re also experts at project management. Our first priority is to ensure the minimum disruption to your existing operations. And we’ll work to limit the impact on your neighbours. We can manage and coordinate all sub-contractors on site for excavations, installations, construction and deliveries. We can commission the boiler – and even before the boiler goes live, we’ll conduct quality assessments.

Even when we’ve completed your turnkey project, our involvement doesn’t need to stop. We have a range of industrial boiler and commercial boiler maintenance services to ensure that things stay on track. We can undertake annual inspections, from insurance inspections for steam equipment to gas-safety checks. And we’re on hand for emergency repairs if necessary.

Delivering a turnkey project demonstrates Hodgkinson Bennis’s corporate values

On every job that we undertake, safety for our staff, contractors, suppliers, customers and the general public is always a vital concern. Even where turnkey projects work around an existing operational site, we’ll manage the project to keep everyone safe. We always look to exceed legislative safety standards, and we never cut corners. If you employ us, you’ll see that we never place deadlines or profits ahead of safety.

With our dedicated team of professionals, we achieve excellence in every aspect of a turnkey project. We’ll manage sub-contractors and suppliers, and we’ll select products and equipment based on the customer’s specific needs. This helps us to ensure the highest quality of performance in every location.

We always seek customer satisfaction, and providing our customers with a great service is our top priority. We want our turnkey project customers to be delighted with our boiler design, installation and maintenance services. And we go out of our way to commission and manage sub-contractors and suppliers who provide exceptional work.

Experience with turnkey projects

We’ve been involved in a boiler project or two over the years; in fact, we have 147 years of experience. We’ve been at the cutting edge of many areas of industrial and commercial boiler design, installation and maintenance. But we don’t simply look to the past. We continually seek to improve our knowledge and expertise, and we work with a roster of other experienced companies. This helps us find the best boiler manufacturers and other suppliers for our turnkey projects.

Speak to one of our team if you’re considering a turnkey project for your boiler system. We’ll do everything from system design through to providing a consistent flow of hot water from the tap. And we’ll work with contractors to manage the whole process for you – to your specifications.

About Hodgkinson Bennis

Hodgkinson Bennis design, install and maintain the most fuel-efficient commercial and industrial boilers for biomass and fossil fuels. Headquartered in Manchester, we work across the UK, particularly in the North West, North East and throughout the Midlands. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver a turnkey project for your commercial and industrial boiler needs.

At Hodgkinson Bennis, we have worked with commercial and industrial boilers since 1872. This history gives us an enviable amount of experience as pioneers in the industry. We place an enormous emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all team members, suppliers contractors, and the public. We provide the most fuel-efficient boiler solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The efficiency of our steam and hot water systems can significantly reduce the carbon footprint for retail business.


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