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Whether you have a commercial or industrial boiler, it’s time to ensure your pipework is in good shape. The experienced Hodgkinson Bennis team is on hand to deliver a full range of pipework services.

Whether it’s modifications and weld repairs, through to custom combustion engineering work, we can provide all your pipework needs. We work with a range of materials, from carbon steel, stainless steel and copper, through to plastic and exotic alloys. And we can work from our premises or directly on-site with you, depending on project specifications.

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Our work is highly rated and respected by clients for speed and quality of delivery.

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We have more than 140 years of innovation and excellence in combustion engineering.

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We are registered with every industry body and certified to their rigorous standards.

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Our engineers are highly competent and adhere to the highest Health & Safety standards.


A new or upgraded boiler can mean that you need to modify your pipework. We can do everything from tweaks and fixes for modern systems to removing redundancies in older systems. Our upgrade and modification services cover gas, water, or steam pipework. What’s more, we can also undertake large-volume fabrication projects. For larger-scale jobs, we can shut systems down, manufacture pipework ahead of time, and install while the system is cold.



Key safety measures are at the heart of all our pipework maintenance services. We’ll include visual inspection of appliances’ combustion ventilation and gas-leak detection as standard. We can also complete pressure-testing on low- and medium-pressure installations, including large-volume systems.


Pipework malfunction often results from sudden seasonal changes in temperature. Our repair services include weld repairs and emergency boiler tube plugging. We’ll complete any repair to the highest standards if your pipework requires it.

Image by Ries Bosch


Refurbishment of Bailey Birkett pressure-reducing valves at the University of Chester

Hodgkinson Bennis undertook the refurbishment of Bailey Birkett pressure reducing valves at the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park. Thornton Science Park is the location of the University’s ‘High Growth Centre’. This facility offers a unique blend of industry, innovation and academia.

The existing pressure reducing valves were in a bad condition. The University decided to completely overhaul the facility, commissioning project management and installation through Hodgkinson Bennis. The works consisted of a controlled shutdown of a section of the incoming 17-bar medium pressure steam main into building 227. 

Simultaneously we maintained steam outward into the 2.5-bar low-pressure steam main serving a section of the site. We removed each of the valves in turn and left the section locked-off and blanked to await the re-installation of the pressure reducing valves.

The refurbishment work required the pressure reducing valves to be completely stripped down and new components fitted. These consisted of a diaphragm, piston rings, pilot valve assembly, main valve, main valve seat, main valve spring, joint rings and selected springs suitable for the required pressure range. The valves were then tested and certified at the Hodgkinson Bennis workshop, before being installed at the site.

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