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Established in 1872, Hodgkinson Bennis Ltd is one of the most experienced commercial and industrial boiler specialists in the country. Serving clients across the North West, North Wales and the Midlands, we offer the widest choice of installation and services on gas and oil fired boilers, and are specialists in biomass and steam boilers. Our team includes experts in design, assembly, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance of industrial and commercial hot water and steam production plant.



Tel: 0161 790 4411


Highfield Road Industrial Estate, Little Hulton, Worsley, Greater Manchester M38 9SS

Hodgkinson Bennis is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Company number: 00357540.

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We’re boiler design and installation experts, but we provide a range of other services. For instance, we know that cooling of air and water can be as important as heating, so we cover air conditioning plant and water chillers and water treatment. Similarly, it’s no good having a boiler if you haven’t got the utilities in place to keep it supplied, so we can undertake electrical and gas installation. And we know that sometimes organisations need temporary solutions, so we can arrange the supply of hire boilers.

Contact one of the team today to find out about our full list of other services, and to discuss your requirements around:

  • Air conditioning.

  • Air handling systems.

  • All types of safety valves, pressure reducing valves, isolation valves refurbished and certifified.

  • BMS controls.

  • Boilerhouse training (onsite).

  • Chilled water installations.

  • Circulation pumps.

  • Cold water booster sets.

  • Combustion and performance optimization.

  • Condenser and calorifier replacement.

  • Electrical installation.

  • Gas and oil fired burners.

  • Gas and oil fired water heaters.

  • Gas and oil fired air heaters.

  • Gas installations.

  • Gas tightness testing.

  • Heating systems.

  • Installation and maintenance of hire boilers.

  • Steam boiler and pipework installations.

  • Steam trap surveys.

  • Ventilation systems.

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Our work is highly rated and respected by clients for speed and quality of delivery.


We have more than 140 years of innovation and excellence in combustion engineering.


We are registered with every industry body and certified to their rigorous standards.


Our engineers are highly competent and adhere to the highest Health & Safety standards.


0161 790 4411