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The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 (Installation & Use) are a crucial legal requirement for all gas-fired equipment. These regulations mandate that you maintain the system safely to prevent any risk or injury on the premises. This includes not only the gas appliance but also the pipework or flue at any place of work. Hodgkinson Bennis is fully authorised to provide commercial gas safety landlord certificates in compliance with these regulations.

The team at Hodgkinson Bennis is experienced, highly skilled, and reliable in providing insurance inspections and safety testing. With a regular preventative maintenance schedule from us, you can improve the likelihood of your system passing inspection and ensure it does so with flying colours.

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Our work is highly rated and respected by clients for speed and quality of delivery.

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We have more than 140 years of innovation and excellence in combustion engineering.

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We are registered with every industry body and certified to their rigorous standards.

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Our engineers are highly competent and adhere to the highest Health & Safety standards.


For steam boilers and high-pressure hot-water systems, the regulations are more onerous. You’ll need to apply two sets of tests to meet the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR). The PSSR aims to prevent serious injury from the hazard of stored energy in pressure systems. It covers the safe design and use of such systems to avoid the failure of an entire system or one of its component parts.



We can remove, service, overhaul and refit valves in various materials. We prepare, clean and carry out repairs to the boiler shell or tubes, and thoroughly test the hydraulic systems. If required, we can calibrate any safety valves. And we’ll check all types of heat exchanger and calorifier.


We will help you prepare thoroughly for the NDT inspection. We will remove any refractory brickwork and/or lagging as required and prepare all the welds for testing, working alongside the inspectors until they are satisfied. In addition, we will replace the refractory and any removed lagging.


At Hodgkinson Bennis, we can facilitate any repairs, spares and modifications to boiler house plant on site. We provide a comprehensive range of services and will deliver complete turnkey projects.

  • Size and manufacture bespoke economisers.

  • Fabricate Boiler D patch and J prep.

  • Plug or replace boiler tubes.

  • Overhaul, certify, and refit leaking valves.

  • Supply and fit boiler and ancillary equipment (inc valves, boiler man/mud hole gaskets, hoses and gauges, etc.).

  • Supply and fit burners and burner spares.

  • Overhaul or replace pumps.

  • Rewind or replace motors.

  • Repair or replace refractory lining.

  • Inspect, repair, upgrade or replace Hotwell Tanks, level controls and level control systems.


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