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3 ways that our pipework services reduce winter worries

Hodgkinson Bennis covers three areas of heating and hot water pipework services: installation & modification, repairs, and maintenance.

Hodgkinson Bennis is on hand with a range of pipework services
Hodgkinson Bennis is on hand with a range of pipework services

Many buildings in the UK (and England in particular) are currently empty or underused thanks to a second round of lockdown restrictions. But unlike earlier in the year, this coincides with colder temperatures as we move through November and into December. For organisations with shuttered buildings, it’s important to think carefully about heating and hot water systems. With winter comes the higher likelihood of pipework malfunction, which could be especially problematic if left unnoticed. Whether you have a commercial or industrial boiler, it’s time to ensure your pipework is in good shape. The experienced Hodgkinson Bennis team is on hand to deliver a full range of pipework services. In this blog we’ll look at the three areas of our pipework services: installation and modification, repairs, and ongoing maintenance.

Pipework installation and modification for more efficient systems

We recognise that few organisations will be in a position to commission new pipework right now. But should you need a new or upgraded boiler, then you may need to modify your pipework. We can do everything from tweaks and fixes for modern systems to removing redundancies in older systems. We work with a range of materials, from carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper, through to plastic and exotic alloys.

Our upgrade and modification services cover gas, water, or steam pipework. What’s more, we can also undertake large-volume fabrication projects. For larger-scale jobs, we can shut systems down, manufacture pipework ahead of time, and install while the system is cold. And we can work from our premises or directly on-site with you, depending on project specifications.

Pipework repairs for when things go wrong

As noted earlier, pipework malfunction often results from sudden seasonal changes in temperature. If system temperatures drop too low or if pipes have been insufficiently lagged, cracks can appear as pipes, joints and welds respond to changes in temperature. Whether it’s a leaking pipe seal, or a more catastrophic burst, you’ll need someone to take care of it as soon as possible.

Our repair services include weld repairs and emergency boiler tube plugging. We’ll respond to the specifics of the job, making sure that repairs match the materials used in the original system. And we’ll complete any repair to the highest standards as soon as your pipework requires it.

Pipework maintenance for preventing seasonal problems

We know that planned preventive maintenance is better than emergency repair. That’s why we always suggest that organisations have a maintenance schedule for every aspect of their heating and hot water system, including their pipework. If you call us out for any other aspect of our pipework services, we’ll work with you to come up with that schedule.

Key safety measures are at the heart of all our pipework maintenance services. We’ll include visual inspection of appliances’ combustion ventilation and gas-leak detection as standard. We can also complete pressure-testing on low- and medium-pressure installations, including large-volume systems.

We’re aware that every organisation has a lot to consider right now. But thinking about your pipework now can avoid any unpleasant surprises over the coming months. If the worst should happen, we can help you recover from any pipework disasters during the second lockdown. And looking to the future, it’s time to look after your pipework for a fully functioning heating and hot water system year-round.

Contact one of the team today to find out more about Hodgkinson Bennis pipework services, from pipework installation and modification to pipework repair and maintenance.

About Hodgkinson Bennis pipework services

Hodgkinson Bennis designs, installs, and maintains the most fuel-efficient commercial and industrial boilers. Headquartered in Manchester, we work across the UK, particularly in the North West, North East and throughout the Midlands. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver advanced commercial and industrial boilers, and our range of other services. At Hodgkinson Bennis, we have worked with commercial and industrial boilers since 1872. This history gives us an enviable amount of experience as pioneers in the industry. We place an enormous emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all team members, suppliers, contractors, and the public. We provide the most fuel-efficient boiler solutions for industrial and commercial applications.


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