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Pipework repairs at the University of Chester

Pipework prefabrication and repair job at the University of Chester Thornton Science Park.

From time to time, we like to showcase our work with examples of recent assignments we’ve undertaken. This time around, it’s a repair job at the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park. Our task was to carry out repairs to a leaking section of 6-inch steam pipework. We discovered that flanges had blown on the dirt leg and upstream, and that pipework had corroded.

Preparation is key

As with any repair job, the first task is to establish the nature and extent of the problem. We quickly identified that we needed to replace the trapping set, vent pipe and associated fittings. Our first step was to isolate the steam and depressurise the system. Once we’d done that, we accessed the pit and cut out the corroded and leaking pipework.

Installing, fitting, reinstating

We have years of experience and expertise in pipework fabrication, using a variety of materials and in a host of different settings. We worked quickly to prefabricate sections of pipework ready for installation on-site at the science park. Once we’d fitted the prefabricated sections, we welded the final connections into position. We fitted the new vent pipework and condense trapping set fitted. And finally, we re-instated the steam supply on completion. Another successful job at the Thornton Science Park. #PipeworkRepair #CommercialBoiler #RepairAndMaintenance

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