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How we help Bolton Sea Cadets in their work with young people

We’re proud to support Bolton Sea Cadets with a pro bono annual boiler service and gas safety check and to support the young people they work with.

Hodgkinson Bennis supports Bolton Sea Cadets
Bolton Sea Cadets are making the lives of young people better by providing unique opportunities to learn through collaborative activities.

As we learn to “live with Covid,” some aspects of our lives are returning to a more normal rhythm. But it continues to be tough for many charities and other national organisations that provide services to young people. Here at Hodgkinson Bennis, we do what we can to give something back to local communities, both as individuals and as a company. And we’ve forged a partnership with Bolton Sea Cadets to do just that.

Helping to launch young people with the Bolton Sea Cadets

In 2021, a member of Bolton District Freemasons approached us to see if we could help Bolton Sea Cadets. The charity provides young people with a unique opportunity to learn through collaborative activities that will set them up for later in life. From sailing, windsurfing and powerboating, to rock climbing, camping, and music, Bolton Sea Cadets aims to improve young people’s lives. By promoting teamwork, respect, loyalty, self-confidence, commitment, self-discipline, and honesty, they teach young people how to be the best version of themselves.

An annual pro bono boiler service and gas safety certificate

For the second year running, we’ve been delighted to help the charity out. We provided an engineer to carry out a full service to the boiler plant pro bono. And we updated their gas safety certificate without charge so that they’re able to comply with regulations. Of course, as a charity, it’s especially important that Bolton Sea Cadets meet their duty of care towards their young people, volunteers, and staff alike. It’s one way that we can the charity in their mission to help to launch local young people for life today.

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