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Bellows repairs at the University of Chester

University of Chester Thornton Science Park.
University of Chester Thornton Science Park.

We take great pride in every repair and maintenance job which we undertake. Indeed, we strive to ensure that every time we work, we deliver a case study in excellence. That’s what we aimed to do with a recent repair assignment at the University of Chester Thornton Science Park. This involved the replacement of bellows and a corroded condense pipe and trapping set.

Setting the scene

We rapidly identified the issues with the bellows and attendant pipework. Our first task was to isolate the steam and depressurise the system. Due to the faulty bellows, we had to pump out a flooded duct. Once that was empty, we were able to access the duct and cut back the corroded condense line.

Welds and repairs make for a fully functioning system

We welded in the new section of pipework. We then went on to replace the trapping set and condense pipework. Once we were happy with that the system was sound, we re-instated the steam and condense lines steam calorifiers. And another issue at Thornton Science Park was successfully resolved.

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About Hodgkinson Bennis bellows repairs

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