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3 services beyond boilers to sustain heating systems

Our latest blog focuses on three of our services beyond boilers: utilities supply, control systems, and additional heater services.

We pride ourselves on the Hodgkinson Bennis history. For nearly 150 years, we’ve been using the latest combustion engineering technologies to deliver heating and hot water where it’s needed. We’re experts in commercial and industrial boiler design and installation, together with commissioning and maintaining boilers to make sure they have a long useful life. But we know that there are other elements to keeping heating and hot water systems going. And to that end, we provide a range of other services. In this blog, we’re going to have a closer look at two of them: utilities supply, control systems, and additional heater services.

Making the utilities supply secure and orderly

It’s no good having a boiler if you haven’t got the utilities in place to keep it supplied. In older buildings, utilities may have been installed piecemeal, leading to messy, potentially hazardous cabling and pipework. We take a holistic approach to utilities entering your premises and drainage leaving it. We can re-lay pipework, ducting and cabling so that it’s easy to access without being obtrusive.

Our team of electricians work on a range of electrical installations for commercial and industrial projects. We can plan and design, select and install, commission, test, report, maintain, fault find and repair systems to the highest standard. We’ll ensure that all cabling and fixtures are neatly fitted, extensively tested and properly labelled. We work in accordance with all relevant standards and apply attention to detail at every step in the process.

For gas installations, we apply the same rigorous approach. For instance, if you’re setting up a commercial catering operation, we can help you design your kitchens. We’re able to install, service and repair all sorts of commercial gas catering equipment, from ovens and fryers to hobs and chargrills. Before any system goes live, we’ll perform gas tightness testing, and we can provide an ongoing testing regime too.

Control systems that help to optimise building performance

In modern buildings, a comprehensive building management system (BMS) will allow your facilities management team to monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical services across a facility. Such services can include power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, elevators, and lights. We can help you to design and install BMS controls, making sure that the system works before it goes live. And our maintenance team can ensure that the system continues to work at its peak efficiency throughout its life cycle.

We can fit, refurbish and certify a range of valves, including all types of safety valves, pressure reducing valves, isolation valves. Valves are often hidden in basements or plant rooms, behind walls and ceilings, or within boiler units. But if they become damaged or stop working, they can cause failure of the whole system. Beyond valves, we can also undertake combustion and performance optimization to control flow and regulate pressure in any system.

Additional heater services for when things go wrong

We know that a loss of heating or hot water to your premises can have devastating business-critical consequences. So, if you need a temporary boiler, we can arrange one for you. It may be a short-term fix to cover an emergency breakdown or a temporary solution during planned maintenance or plant room upgrades. We can supply gas- or oil-fired temporary hire boilers, in a range of different thermal outputs to suit your needs.

We said at the beginning of this blog that we’re proud of our experience. That’s why we also offer onsite boiler-house training to clients who need it. Together with all our other services, for boilers and beyond, we think that this is a pretty comprehensive range.

To find out more about the full range of Hodgkinson Bennis services, including utilities supply, control systems, and additional heater services, contact one of the team today.

About Hodgkinson Bennis services that go beyond boilers

Hodgkinson Bennis designs, installs, and maintains the most fuel-efficient commercial and industrial boilers. Headquartered in Manchester, we work across the UK, particularly in the North West, North East and throughout the Midlands. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver advanced commercial and industrial boilers, and our range of other services. At Hodgkinson Bennis, we have worked with commercial and industrial boilers since 1872. This history gives us an enviable amount of experience as pioneers in the industry. We place an enormous emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all team members, suppliers, contractors, and the public. We provide the most fuel-efficient boiler solutions for industrial and commercial applications.


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