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We’re the industrial boiler experts looking to the future

Hodgkinson Bennis are experts in the installation, commissioning, repair and ongoing maintenance of industrial boilers. With more than 140 years of experience, we can rightly claim to be specialists in the field. We can provide a full turnkey project for your industrial boiler plant installation, or deliver specific parts of the required package. From design and planning to installation and commissioning, we will take care of all the details. We’ll hand over a fully operable system to the project manager or client. And our maintenance teams can even stick around to ensure that the system continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Your industrial boiler will start on the drawing board

We can start at the very beginning, working with you on industrial boiler, boiler house and plant design. With our years of experience, we can get the correct boiler, heating and hot water system specification for your plant. In some instances, that may include designing in a water treatment system. We’ll be able to coordinate regulatory approvals and get sign-off, including making sure you’re compliant with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD).

Fitting and turning on industrial boilers

During the installation phase, we’ll be able to appoint, oversee and manage all contractors. In particular, we’ll be able to undertake health and safety management to make sure that no staff or contractors on site are put at risk. We can build a new boiler house, or refurbish and adapt an existing boiler house. We cover all aspects of installing industrial boilers, heating and hot water systems, including any water treatment systems. We’ll be able to fit all pipework for water, steam and gas services. We can install all electrical fittings, and rationalise all pipework entering and leaving your site. And we can install storage tanks for whichever fuel fires your boiler system.

When it comes to turning on the system, we can test and commission your new boiler system. And our involvement doesn’t have to end there, as we’re on hand to undertake maintenance too. From the boiler itself, through the pipework to the storage tanks and electrical systems, our maintenance engineers will keep everything running smoothly.

Industry 4.0 and what it means for industrial boilers

While we have a strong history, we’re also looking to the future. The latest in communications and data technology associated with automation is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing and other industrial sectors. This trend is called ‘Industry 4.0’, or the fourth industrial revolution. It’s characterised by the term ‘industrial internet of things’ (IIoT), for which gathering data on processes is vital. A recent survey showed some 60% of businesses said they were exploring IIoT or had invested in pilot projects.

Whatever your organisation’s stance on Industry 4.0, we’re here to ease the transition. We can fit the latest energy-efficient boilers, which should sit at heart of any organisation’s efforts to automate. By using our maintenance and pipework services, you can rely on us for the equipment which is least susceptible to digital transformation. And we can fit smart heating and hot water control systems, which you can integrate into other digital systems you might invest in.

Find out more about the range of industrial boiler services which Hodgkinson Bennis provides by contacting us today!

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About Hodgkinson Bennis

Hodgkinson Bennis design, install and maintain the most fuel-efficient commercial and industrial boilers. Headquartered in Manchester, we work across the UK, particularly in the North West, North East and throughout the Midlands. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver advanced commercial and industrial boilers.

At Hodgkinson Bennis, we have worked with commercial and industrial boilers since 1872. This history gives us an enviable amount of experience as pioneers in the industry. We place an enormous emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all team members, suppliers, contractors, and the public. We provide the most fuel-efficient boiler solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The efficiency of our steam and hot water systems can significantly reduce the carbon footprint for retail business.


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