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HVAC and boiler services for a well-ventilated festive season

We provide a range of commercial and industrial HVAC and boiler services, for a well-ventilated festive season and a Covid-safe 2022.

It’s that time when we’re thinking about the year that’s gone and starting to think more clearly about the year ahead. We all know that the past year has been a tough one, and we’re certainly looking forward to a better 2022. For employers, it’s always important to think about every aspect of health and safety. Maintaining the right temperature for both air and water is a key consideration. And of course, we’ve still got to think about maintaining Covid safety in every workplace too, through good ventilation and other measures. Here at Hodgkinson Bennis, we can help your workplace stay heated and well-ventilated to help you deliver a safe workplace. In this blog, we’re providing an overview of our commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) and boiler services.

Keeping commercial and industrial HVAC and boilers on track

Whatever your sector, the different elements of HVAC can sometimes operate in opposition to each other, rather than working coherently. Whether your system is commercial or industrial, some areas in a building may be being heated while others are cooled. For operational reasons, it can be difficult to establish proper zoning between the various areas. Of course, we can design, test, and install HVAC systems for any building, whether it’s brand new or is an older design. We also recognise that right now, most organisations are not thinking about installing completely new equipment, whether that’s a new boiler or an entire HVAC refit. They’ll be looking to work with what they already have – and that’s where we can help.

Take for instance the air handling unit (AHU), the central element which regulates and circulates air. The AHU takes in outside air, reconditions it and supplies it as fresh air to the air-conditioned room. It does so by filtering, and either heating or cooling it. Even if we haven’t designed your entire HVAC system, we can install, test and commission an AHU should you need one. And our maintenance engineers will keep the unit working by putting together a maintenance schedule.

Control systems that can help achieve higher efficiency

However, temperature is only one aspect of control systems; organisations are increasingly adopting more comprehensive building management system (BMS) for their buildings. With modern technology, it’s possible to monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical services across a facility. Such services can include power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, lifts, and lights. The data for these controls is consolidated onto a single system to improve reporting, information management and decision-making. And it allows facility-wide insight for better performance by controlling all underlying systems from a single workstation.

Making plans for your HVAC and boilers in 2022

Given the imperatives around climate change it’s important to think about energy efficiency in your HVAC systems, from boilers to AHUs. But of course, it’s also good for your bottom line to ensure that all your equipment is kept operating at peak efficiency. Our teams can cover such issues as insurance inspections, whichever system you use, from Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) compliance to gas safety certificates. And we can work with you to devise planned preventive maintenance (PPM) regimes that will stop your systems getting into trouble, whatever the weather.

We wish all our staff, clients, and followers a happy and safe festive season, and all the best for 2022.

To find out more about Hodgkinson Bennis and our range of commercial and industrial HVAC and boiler services, contact one of the team today.

About Hodgkinson Bennis range of commercial and industrial HVAC services

Hodgkinson Bennis designs, installs, and maintains the most fuel-efficient commercial and industrial boilers. Headquartered in Manchester, we work across the UK, particularly in the North West, North East and throughout the Midlands. Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver advanced commercial and industrial boilers, and our range of other services. At Hodgkinson Bennis, we have worked with commercial and industrial boilers since 1872. This history gives us an enviable amount of experience as pioneers in the industry. We place an enormous emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all team members, suppliers, contractors, and the public. We provide the most fuel-efficient boiler solutions for industrial and commercial applications.


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